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Member Awards

Annual New Title Awards

Each year in February, members that have placed a title on their Bernese during the previous year receive an award at the annual Awards Luncheon.  To be eligible for an award the following accomplishments must be met:

  1. You, the owner or co-owner, must be a member in good standing with the BMDCSEW.

  2. The dog must reside with a member of the BMDCSEW or a member in good standing must have done the majority of the showing/testing. Breeders that are co-owners who do most of the showing can get an award even if the dog does not live with them.

  3. The dog must have completed the requirements and received a certificate from the AKC, UKC, CKC, BMDCA or a Therapy Dog Organization.

  4. Members  of the BMDCSEW who own or co-own a dog that achieves Top Producer status with the BMDCA is also eligible for an Award.


To receive the award at the Awards Banquet in February, an Awards Application must be completed sent with a photocopy of the title certificate to the Awards Chair.  Awards Applications will be made available at the end of the year.

Awards Chair

Lyn Steffens

124 Woodhaven Lane

Neenah  WI  54956



25 Year Membership Sterling Silver Award

Any person that achieves 25 years of membership in the BMDCSEW club is presented with a Sterling Silver Bernese Head pendant.  This award is presented at the Annual Awards Luncheon in February the year following a member's achievement of 25 years of service.    


For your reference, our membership directory includes the year each member joined the club.

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