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Job Descriptions - Back2Back Specialty Shows

Catalog Advertising      Chief Ring Steward       Equipment/Grounds      Hospitality      Judges Hospitality   

Obedience/Rally Chair        Public Education        Raffle Chair        Reserved Grooming        Trophy Chair

Back2Back Show Chair         Back2Back Timeline

Catalog Advertising Chair

SUMMARY STATEMENT: This person is responsible to receive ads and payments from people/clubs/organizations that want to advertise in the B2B catalog.


TERM: Volunteer recruited by the Show Chair


NATURE AND SCOPE: The Catalog Advertising chair solicitants catalogs advertising from club members, the Illinois and Minnesota BMD clubs and owners of the past year’s placement winning dogs .   not only do they receives ads and payments but also assists advertisers with making their ads print ready if necessary. Provides finished ads to the printer that is printing the catalog. Makes sure that all ads are paid for in full.

Chief Ring Steward

SUMMARY STATEMENT: This person is responsible for recruiting Stewards for the Conformation portion of the Back to Back Independent Specialties.


TERM: Volunteer recruited by the Show Chair


NATURE AND SCOPE:  The Chief Ring Steward recruits stewards for Sweepstakes and Conformation for the Independent Specialties held in late February/early March each year. In addition to recruiting and scheduling the stewards, they purchase water/soda for the judges and stewards, candy for the tables, and check cleaning supplies and replenish as needed. Recruiting volunteers should start in November or December.

If there is no Obedience/Rally chair then they also recruit and schedule stewards for those events.

Additional information can be found on the Timeline for the BMDCSEW Back 2 Back.


SUMMARY STATEMENT: This person is responsible to post any needed signage, provide cleanup bags near the exit doors and/or scoopers and buckets outside.


TERM: Volunteer Recruited by the Show Chair


NATURE AND SCOPE:  Signage at WFP is to be attached to doors with scotch tape. Signage includes but is not limited to Judges Parking, Do Not Park Here Unloading Only, Please exercise your dogs behind the building, Please cleanup after your dogs, No Dogs beyond this point (food area and bathrooms). Signs should go up Thursday.

Cleanup bags to be provided by the doors, WFP personnel will provide garbage cans outside. The club does not buy scoopers for this event (they have a tendency to disappear) If you want to bring some and mark them that is up to you. If no scoopers it is helpful to have bags/bucket in the center of the green area in addition to near the doors.

Hospitality Chair

SUMMARY STATEMENT: This person is responsible for making sure that there is food available for the exhibitors.

TERM: Volunteer recruited by the Show Chair


NATURE AND SCOPE:  Contact an approved vendor to provide lunches both days that can be purchased by the exhibitors (usually 4H) and contract. Also, arrange for appetizers to be served just before BOB judging begins. There has not been enough interest in having a judge’s dinner the past few years so at this time it is not necessary to organize that event.

Approximately one week before the show notify vendor of approximate number of people who will be attending the show and contact WFP about morning coffee. Make signage for food court including hours of operation. WFP provides (and charges the club) coffee, chair brings morning snacks (Kringle, donut and/or cookies) this is a snack not meant to be breakfast for all.

At approximately 10:00 clean up morning hospitality area as the food court opens. Be sure that announcements are made throughout the day about the food court and in the afternoon announce appetizers. Touch base with vendor mid-afternoon as to the timing of appetizers being served. The board pre-approves the amount to be spent on appetizers.

Judges Hospitality Chair

SUMMARY STATEMENT: This person is responsible for taking care of the judges while they are in Wisconsin. If no Judges Hospitality Chair is found this falls to the Show Chair.


TERM: Volunteer recruited by the Show Chair


NATURE AND SCOPE:  The volunteer for this job cannot show to any of the conformation or sweeps judges. If they are able to have other people assist with this they need to be sure it is after they show to that particular judge or that they do not have entries under that judge.

Make hotel reservations as required in the contract. Contact the judges to obtain their flight schedule (December/January), then arrange for them to be picked up and taken back to the airport. Usually the judges are at a hotel that provides breakfast, but if they want lunch before they judge it should be provided (sweep judges would eat at the show site). Dinner should be provided based on the contract.  Transportation to and from the show site and the hotel.

It is not necessary for the Hospitality Chair to do all of these services for the judges, but they need to be sure that a responsible volunteer is taking care of it.

Hotel Reservations should be made by the end of September, even if they are adjusted later as in 2018 we had trouble getting our usual judges hotel. Judges should be contacted in December about their flight so that the judge is reminded to start looking for the most economical flight.

After arrangements are made there should be a master e-mail that lists all judges their cell phone numbers, who is picking them up, where they are staying with hotel phone number. The names and cell phone numbers of anyone transporting judges, the Judges Hospitality Chair and the Show Chair. This e-mail should go to everyone listed. In case of any changes or delays this allows everyone to have the information they need to contact the appropriate person.

Obedience and Rally Chair

SUMMARY STATEMENT: This person is responsible for organizing the Obedience and Rally portions of the Independent Specialties held in late February/early March each year by the BMDCSEW.

TERM: Volunteer recruited by the Show Chair


NATURE AND SCOPE:  The Obedience & Rally Chairperson recruits and schedules the stewards for this portion of the show. They verify that Rally Signs will be available and up to date (other equipment is provided by the 4-H club). They also work with the Show Chair to hire an obedience/rally judge for the following year. For example, in late 2017 we should be hiring a judge for 2019.

Please check the Timeline for BMDCSEW Back to Back for additional information.

Public Education at the Back2Back

SUMMARY STATEMENT: Provide a table with public information relating to responsible dog ownership, the BMDCSEW and Bernese Mountain Dogs.


TERM: Volunteer recruited by the Show Chair - this is usually done by the club Education Chair.


NATURE AND SCOPE:  There is a table or two provided to set up a display of educational items for the general public. The display should be done either Thursday during set up or early Friday morning.

Raffle Chair

SUMMARY STATEMENT: This person is responsible to run the raffle at the B2B.

TERM: Volunteer recruited by the Show Chair


NATURE AND SCOPE:  Procure baskets to raffle: completed baskets from club members, components of baskets from club members and donations from businesses or others then make up baskets. It helps to start reminding members before Christmas so they can shop when they Christmas Shop and a few more times, an ideal time to get the baskets and goods is at the Awards Banquet held in mid-February. Additionally, there are 2-3 large items approved by the board that need to be purchased. Usually the only expenses are supplies and tickets.

Store and transport baskets and goods. Have the raffle set up by approximately 10:00 on Friday, although the building is available if you prefer to set up on Thursday. The drawing is typically done Saturday afternoon, be sure that the drawing time is announced and posted.

Sell and draw raffle tickets, recruit as many helpers as you would like for this.

Reserved Grooming Chair

SUMMARY STATEMENT: This person is responsible to take reservations and payments for reserved grooming and set up reserved grooming.


TERM: Volunteer recruited by the Show Chair


NATURE AND SCOPE:  Receive reservations and payments for reserved grooming. Once all the reservations are received layout the grooming spaces on paper.  Have a print out to put on the wall so that those people that reserved a space know where their space is located. During Thursday’s setup lay out the grooming spaces based on the paper layout using tape.  Mark each space with a number so that the person knows where their space is. Recruit as many people as necessary to help with the Thursday setup.

The tape needs to be removed when we leave so if you could mark that on the paper layout that would be helpful. It can also be announced during the show so that everyone can pull up their own tape.


Trophy Chair

SUMMARY STATEMENT: This person is responsible to purchase quality trophies for as little money as possible and then beg for money from as many people as possible so that we have more in donations than expenses.


TERM: Volunteer recruited by the Show Chair, it is helpful if this position runs for multiple years since the shopping takes place year-round.


NATURE AND SCOPE:  The Trophy Chair purchases trophies for 1st thru 4th place in each class offered, as well as BOB, BOW, BOS, Select Dog and Bitch and AOM and HIT, HC in Obedience and HC in Excellent B and Advanced B and High Combined in Triple Qualifying in Rally. Provide this list to the Show Secretary so that it is in the premium.  Order necessary Rosettes no later than December.  Restock Obedience and Rally 1st through 4th place flat ribbons and qualifying flat ribbons at this time if necessary.  As soon as entries close get an entry break down from the show secretary and order necessary 1st through 4th place flat ribbons.

Ask for donations/sponsors for all the classes and other trophies. Be sure that all donations are actually collected. Provide this list so that it can be printed in the catalog. It is helpful to have someone assist in the solicitation of sponsors.

Show Chair

SUMMARY STATEMENT:  The Show Chair works within the guidelines set out by the Board of Directors to plan, organize and run the two shows held on consecutive days in the AKC week 12 which is either the last weekend in February or the first weekend in March. The shows are held on Friday and Saturday.  Because the committees and location are the same for the purposes of this description we use the term show.

There is a time line that breaks the responsibilities down by month in more detail that should be referred to as an integral part of this job description.


TERM: The Show Chair is as 2-year commitment (2 shows).


NATURE AND SCOPE:  The Show Chair is responsible for recruiting and supervising a Show Committee: Chief Ring Steward, Obedience & Rally Chairperson, Catalog Advertising, Equipment & Grounds, Raffle, Trophy, Hospitality, Judges Hospitality, Reserve Grooming and Public Education. Historically most of these positions have the same people in them from year to year, some of them for many years so in most cases recruiting means contacting last years person and asking them to do it again.

Apply for AKC approval on line.

Select and contract Show Secretary and Photographer (see note above about using last years).

Work with the board on the contract for WFP.

The Show Chair is also responsible for selecting and presenting to the Board of Directors a judges selection committee to select judges for future shows; meeting with that committee and contracting judges. The judges selection committee is made up of the Show Chair, 1 person from the prior years committee and a new person. Except for the show chair no person shall be on the committee more than 2 years in a row. The names are to be submitted to the board at their June meeting. They will be selecting judges for 2 years out, for example the committee selected in June of 2018 will be selecting judges for 2020. There are sample contracts in word format approved by the board that specify what expenses are covered.

Judges Hospitality Chair falls to the Show Chair if one cannot be found.

Obedience/Rally judge selection falls to the Show chair if no Obedience & Rally Chairperson is found.


Timeline for the BMDCSEW Back2Back Independent Specialty

March- Take a deep breath, congratulate yourself on a job well done. Send out thank you notes either by snail mail or e-mail depending on your style. Within the first week sit down and make a list of things that went well and you want to do again and things that need to be improved upon. Perhaps ask your Show Committee for feedback.


April-May- Find your Show Committee for next year: Chief Ring Steward, Obedience & Rally Chairperson, Catalog Advertising, Equipment & Grounds, Raffle, Trophy, Hospitality, Judges Hospitality, Reserved Grooming, Public Education. Many of the chairs do this every year so start there and add new people as you need them. This should be finalized by June.

Contact WFP to see if the 3-year rolling contract has 3 years on it. Contact club president if necessary to help with negotiations. Club president is the one to sign the contract but show chair should have a copy. WFP is likely to need dates so you need to look at the AKC calendar for the 12th week. If this is May of 2018 we should have a contract in place for 2019 2020 and 2021.

Show Secretary Contract should be signed for the following year again if there is not a problem with the secretary from the prior year you start there.

Show Photographer contract should be signed for the following year.

Apply for AKC approval on line. You must have signed contracts for the judges and the secretary before you do this.


June- present your judges selection committee to the board for approval during the June board meeting. It should be made up of the Show Chair, 1 person held over from last year and a new person.  Besides the show chair a person should not be on the committee more than 2 years in a row. This selection committee is for 2 years out. Meaning if it is June of 2018 you will be selecting judges for 2020. There should already be signed contracts for the 2019 judges. Once the panel is approved be sure to send it to the Yodels editor and have it posted to solicit ideas for judges from other members of the club.


July- August- meet with judges selection committee to select judges, contact the selected judges and get contracts. The BMDCSEW has always preferred Breeder judges and tries to bring in at least one Foreign judge if not every year most of the time. Again, this is 2 years out so in July/August of 2018 you are finding judges for 2020. There are sample contracts that have been approved by the board that specifies expenses that will be paid that are in “Word” format that are to be used.

Show Chair needs to submit an AKC Compliance Form 8-9 months before the show.

Contact all of your Show Committee members to be sure everyone is still on track.


September-October-contact hotel and vet to have on call. You will need these for the premium list. (The host hotel was not very co-operative for the 2017 show.) You will need to call them during working hours as the manager is only there during the day.  Begin to gather everything the secretary needs for the premium list. Some items will need to come from the Show Committee so be sure to keep them in the loop.

Make Hotel Reservations for the judges (may need to adjust later after flights are booked but get basic reservations in). Done by either Judges Hospitality Chair or Show Chair.


November- everything should be to the Secretary for the premium list by the first week of November at the latest. Once the premium list is done and proofed. (Be sure you know which building we are in at WFP) send it to the club secretary to put on the web site.

Contact WFP to see who you will be dealing with for our event. Read the contract so you know what is included and what we need to pay extra for.

The Premium List should be fully complete and proofed by the end of November. The Secretary does not normally send it out until after the Holidays but it is so much better to have it all done before the Holidays.

Contact Chris Rost Washington County Dog Project leader about ring set up.

Do a write up for the Yodels and also the Yahoo list to garner interest in the show, especially Obedience and Rally, remind people they could get a dog ready.  See if any members want to “shadow” you or any of the other chairs to learn what they do. Same type of information on the Face Book Page.

The Chief Ring Steward should be recruiting Stewards at this time.


December- if on track enjoy the Holidays, otherwise make up for lost time.

Trophy Chair needs to order any necessary Rosettes and ribbons- see Job Description for more details.


January- Check in with Show Committee, the vet, the hotel and the Secretary to be sure everyone is on track.

We should start getting flight schedules for judges, adjust hotel reservations if necessary (see September- October). How will you handle dinner for the judges, who is picking them up or are they renting a car?

Send ring layout to Chris and your reserved grooming chair. Contact WFP just to stay in touch, follow up on any loose ends there as far as micro phones, coffee (they have to provide) spiders for electric, any special item that comes up. Do a write up for the Yodels be sure show information is on the Face Book page.


February- Follow up with Show Committee, WFP, secretary. Who is getting flowers? Morning snacks? Water and Soda for judges and stewards? Are cleanup supplies taken care of? Hard Candy for tables?

Contact WFP about coffee and set up times and when the building will be open.

Touch base with judges one more time do they have any questions? Has the Show Chair or Judges Hospitality fully let them know where they are staying how they are getting from the airport to the hotel and to the show site. How are they getting back to the hotel? How is dinner being handled? Since the judges are such an important part of the show the Judges Hospitality Chair should be keeping the Show Chair fully informed. There should be a final e-mail to all judges with a copy to the Show Chair with schedules who is picking them up etc. and cell phone numbers so they are all in one place for the Committee and the Judges. One e-mail with all the information.

Remind the Treasurer that judges and other will expect payment the day of the show.

Be there for set up which is relatively easy because the 4-H club handles the ring set up. Reserved Grooming is done Thursday also. Be sure there are enough tables for Raffle and Trophy

Enjoy all your hard work at the show, bring a 3-ring binder or folder with pertinent information in it in case you need to refer to it or contact someone.

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