Annual New Title Awards 2021

BMDCSEW "New" Award Winners - 2021                                                                                                              

Dog's Name /  Title(s)  


Bella Vita's Cosmopolitan Girl  /  Canine Good Citizen

     Beth Spano

Stonehill Collects Taxes From Beulah Stormfront   /   Rally Novice, Tracking Dog

      Peggy Granger & Kerry Waltersdorf

Bugziere's Summer Breeze   /   Rally Novice, Rally Intermediate, Trick Dog Novice, Canine Good Citizen

      Lyn Steffens

Jaberwock's Alice's Secret   /   Scent Work Interior Novice, Scent Work Container Novice

   Joanne Brault & Jane Hill

Stonehill's Blazing 1776 Celebration Of Old Glory /   AKC Community Canine, Urban Canine Good Citizen, Farm Dog,  Canine Good Citizen

     Kerry Waltersdorf

Serendipity Jada JingJingJing   /   Companion Dog, Rally Novice

     Kay Wendorf

BMDCSEW "Additional" Award Winners - 2021                              

Dog's Name /  Title(s)  


URO1 Stonehill For Auld Lang Syne CD, BN, RE, CGC, TKA, DD   /   URO2, UR03, Advanced Novice Draft Dog, Master Draft Dog

       Cindy Falk

Driftless Taking It To The Streets CGC, TKN   /   Rally Novice, Champion

      Kathy Bohm & Deanna Scott

Bugziere's Secret Agent Man TKI   /   Trick Dog Advanced, Trick Dog Performer, Trick Dog Elite Performer

    Paige Hess & Sue Wellenstein

Leidmar Frolicing Freya V Stonemaple RN, TD, CGCA, TKN   /   Tracking Dog Excellent, Companion Dog, Rally Advanced

      Lois Leidahl-Marsh

Leidmar Artio Awakens CD, RE, TDX, CGCA, TKI   /   Variable Surface Tracker, Champion Tracker

      Lois Leidahl-Marsh

CH Stonehill's Crystal U-R Unstoppable RN, CGC   /   Farm Dog

      Kerry Waltersdorf

CH Stonehill's Pop Your Cork Buddha CGCA, CGCU  /   Farm Dog

      Kerry Waltersdorf

De-Li's Ask Me BN, RI, SWN, SIAE, SBE, SCAI   /   Scent Work Exterior Advanced, Scent Work Advanced, Scent Work Buried Excellent, Scent Work Container Excellent, Scent Work Exterior Excellent, Scent Work Interior Excellent, Scent Work Excellent, Scent Work Buried Master

       Joanne Brault & Lilian Ostermiller

Jaberwock's Star On The Horizon SWA, SBE, SEE, TKI   /   Scent Work Buried Excellent Elite, Scent Work Container Excellent

        Angela Hanson

CH October's Beyond The Stars CGCA, CGCU, TKI  /   Beginner Novice, Companion Dog, Novice Draft Dog, Versatility Dog, Rally Novice, Grand Champion, Draft Dog

      Kevin Gasper & Mary Alice Eschweiler

CH Serendipity Grand Slam CGC  /   Beginner Novice, Companion Dog, Rally Novice

        Lynne Kurz & Kay Wendorf

Blumoon's Charge It To Twelve Oaks CD, RI   /   Champion, Grand Champion, Canine Good Citizen, AKC  Community Canine

       Michele Dominy & Tracey Keith

CH Serendipity Dreamchaser CGC   /   Companion Dog, Rally Novice

        Kay Wendorf