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Annual New Title Awards 2023

BMDCSEW "New" Award Winners - 2022                                                                                                              

Dog's Name /  Title(s)  


Castlemtn Miracle Zeke / Canine Good Citizen, Trick Dog Novice, Farm Dog Certified

Lexie & Tim Lau

BernerGarden's Dandelion Wine V Thistledown / UKC Champion, Herding Instinct Tested, Champion

Carri Lindblom-Borisch & Coleen Carroll

Ventures Mac Is Sailing To Northcote / Scent Work Container Novice, Scent Work Exterior Novice, Scent Work Handler Discrimination Novice, Canine Good Citizen

Kerry Luderus, Kerry Waltersdorf & Rebecca Dove

Stonehill C Lambeau V Northcote / Canine Good Citien

Kerry Luderus & Kerry Waltersdorf

Stonehills Roaring Good Time Teddy / Farm Dog Certified, Canine Good Citizen

Tammy & Bonnie Lindvig and Kerry Waltersdorf

Stonehills Clover Is Feeling Lucky / Canine Good Citizen

Kerry Waltersdorf, Nancy Bauman, Rebecca Dove, and Cristina Reedy

Stonehills Totally Tangled Rapunzal / Canine Good Citizen

Kerry Waltersdorf, Rebecca Dove & Robin Krumnow

October's I Can See Clearly Now / Farm Dog Certified, Companion Dog, Rally Novice, Novice Draft Dog, Brace Novice Draft Dog

Mary Alice Eschweiler

October's Peter Pauli and Mary / Champion, Novice Draft Dog

Mary Alice Eschweiler

BMDCSEW "Additional" Award Winners - 2023                             

Dog's Name /  Title(s)  


Demitra's Stately Lady Of Kameridge RN, FDC, CGC / Rally Intermediate, Beginner Novice

Kathy Koehler

Bernergardens Majesty VBelnois BN, FDC / Rally Novice

Kathy Koehler

UCD URO3 Stonehill For Auld Lang Syne CD, BN, RE, FDC. CGC, TKA, MDD, ANDD / Fit Dog Bronze, Fit Dog Silver, Fit Dog Gold

Cindy Falk

Bugziere's Secret Agent Man RI, FDC, TKE / Beginner Novice, BCAT, Novice Draft Dog

Paige Hess & Sue Wellenstein

De-Li’s Ask Me BN, RI, SWE, SIAE, SBM  /  Scent Work Container Excellent Elite, Scent Work Exterior Excellent Elite

Joanne Brault & Lilian Ostermiller

Jaberwock’s Alice’s Secret SWN, SINE  /  Rally Novice, Champion, Scent Work Container Advanced, Scent Work Exterior Advanced, Scent Work Interior Advanced

Joanne Brault & Jane Hill

Bugziere's Summer Breeze BN, RI, FDC, CGC, TKN, NDD / Companion Dog, Advanced Novice Draft Dog, Draft Dog

Lyn Steffens

CH Serendipity Grand Slam CD, BN, RE, TD, CGC / Rally Master, NOHS Bronze

Lynne Mueller & Kay Wendorf

Leidmar Frolicing Freya V Stonemaple CD, RE, TDX, CGCA, CGCU, TKN, ATT / Companion Dog Excellent

Lois Leidahl-Marsh

GCH Driftless Taking It To The Streets RI, FDC, CGC, TKN / AKC Community Canine, Urban Canine Good Citizen, NOHS Finalist, #10 BMD

Kathy Bohm & Deanna Scott

GCH CH October's Beyond The Stars CD, BN, RE, FDC, CGCA, CGCU. TKI, ANDD, MDD, BNDD, BDD / Companion Dog Excellent, Versatility Dog Excellent, Advanced Brace Novice Draft Dog, AKC Temperament Test

Kevin Gasper

Hip-Hop Flying Angel CD, BN, RA, FDC, CGC./ Novice Draft Dog, Rally Excellent, Active Dog

Cherie Bond

Devons Run For The Roses @ Creekwood RN / Farm Dog Certified, Rally Advanced, Rally Excellent, Beginner Novice, Companion Dog

Mike & Cherie Bond

GCH CH Blumoon's Charge It To Twelve Oaks CD, RA, CGCA  /  Rally Excellent, Companion Dog Excellent

Michele Dominy

CH Stonehill's Pop Your Cork Buddha THDA, FDC, CGCA, CGCU / Companion Dog, Therapy Dog Excellent

Kerry & Keith Waltersdorf, /Robin Krumnow & Rebecca Dove

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