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Bernese Rescue / Rehome

BMDCSEW Breed Rescue primarily serves Berners located in Wisconsin. If you would like to check into adopting a Berner through our club or surrender your Bernese Mountain Dog to our rescue, please contact Wendy Kerr.

Send the Rescue Home Placement Questionaire to Wendy to apply for adoption of one of our BMD's needing a forever home.

Rescue Chair

Wendy Kerr

Phone: 608-212-8138


Rescue Help Needed

Seeking Help for Rescue, Foster, Adoption and Transport 

More than any other time before in the history of Bernese as a Breed in the U.S., we have a crisis in the numbers of Bernese who are in need of Rescue. Are you interested in helping our beloved breed?  We are committed to keeping our breed out of shelters by bringing surrendered berners into private homes. Help is needed at all levels, Acute Rescue, Interim Foster, Adoption, and Transportation of Dogs at different times in the process.  If you would like to learn more about how to volunteer for our BMDCSEW Club Rescue Program we welcome you to contact our Rescue Chair, Wendy Kerr, at  Please consider the impact that even a small level of volunteerism could make at this crucial time.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

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