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Berner-Garde Foundation Repository

Bernese Mountain Dog DNA and Tissue Repository


Because of the outstanding participation of the dedicated Berner community, the Repository has to date acquired over 3500 blood samples and over 450 frozen tumor samples stored. A portion of these samples have been used in several key collaborative studies, including with Drs. Benoit Haden and Catherine Andre in France, with Dr. Elaine Ostrander at NIH, and several studies directed by Dr. Vilma Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan and colleagues at Michigan State University.


All of these studies have greatly improved our understanding of cancer in our Berners, contributed to development of ways to assess inherited risk of developing cancer, identified several potential therapies for histiocytic sarcoma and pointed to the possibility of early detection of cancer through liquid biopsy. You can read about some of this exciting progress on our Success Stories page.


It is thanks to you the Berner Community and your commitment to health that has contributed to these advances. However, we have all decided that it is best for us to focus our attention on two fronts: one, recruiting samples focusing on specific studies going forward, and two, focusing on obtaining updated health information on the samples in the Repository and in the Berner Garde Database in general.


It is for this reason, general submissions to the Repository for blood, tumors and litters will be suspended, effective immediately. The Repository will continue to be maintained at Michigan State University by Dr. Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan. Going forward look for surveys the Repository Team has crafted as we continue to press for updated health information. The most important thing you can do now is update health records. The health information that you provide is invaluable for researchers, breeders, and the entire BMD Community

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