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Bloat/GDV (Gastric Dilation Volvulus) Submissions

We have had a researcher request samples from the BMD Repository at Michigan State University from dogs that were “diagnosed” with Bloat / GDV (Gastric Dilation Volvulus), for his upcoming research study on GDV.

IMPORTANT-- If your Berner (living or deceased) has a blood or cheek swab DNA sample in the BMD Repository and has experienced a Bloat/GDV event, please be sure that information is added to your dogs Berner-Garde health record. It is important to make these updates as soon as you can! If you are able to get information from your vet that would allow this information to be entered into the database as "diagnosed", that would be extremely helpful for this research effort, as it will enable us to provide diagnosed GDV samples to the researcher for this important project.

We also need “anecdotal” bloat/GDV information on dogs that have blood and cheek swab samples in the BMD Repository as well, as this is also very important for us to have for re-searchers, and to help us to identify control dogs for this and future GDV studies. Even if your dog does not have DNA samples in the Repository, please update any Bloat/GDV information into the Berner-Garde Database for future research studies as well.

Our Berner-Garde site operators are ready to receive and verify your dog’s Bloat/GDV information updates now. And a re-minder about the importance of updating your dogs health record in Berner-Garde, especially date and cause of death information. This is important for any dogs in the database, but especially critical for dogs with DNA samples in the Repository!

If you need help entering updated information on your dog, please contact me (see contact info below).

Thank you so much for your help!
Brycie Marine
Berner-Garde Trustee
Co-Liaison to the BMD Repository at MSU



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