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The Yodels is our club Newsletter.  It is published quarterly. Members receive their newsletter via email. Non Member are able to view our newsletter on line at our website.  Non Member email subscriptions is $7.50 per year.


Member advertisements may be placed at:
· $20.00 per page copy ready / $30 editor set-up
· $10.00 per half page copy ready / $20 editor set-up
· $5.00 per 1/4 page copy ready / $10 editor set-up
Non-Member advertising is additional 50% per ad and subject to space.


Litter announcements
The Yodels Newsletter is intended for educational and BMDCSEW related activities. The Yodels does not publish litter announcements. Please refer
the Breeder Referral page for litter contact information.

Publication is anticipated the last week of the quarter. Deadline for News, Articles and Advertisements are as follows:

1st quarter Yodels:     March 22
2nd quarter Yodels:   June 22
3rd quarter Yodels:    September 22
4th quarter Yodels:    December 22


Articles written by members of the BMDCSEW on any topic/subject that may be of interest to Bernese members are welcome. Non copyrighted articles or those that can be reprinted with permission are welcome as well.


Send all to:
Paige Hess

Phone: 920-850-1310


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