2021 Date to be Determined

Draft Workshop  

Kay Wendorf's Home
W8521 School Section Road

Darien, WI 53114

Workshop Chair - Kay Wendorf

E-mail:  serendipitybernese@yahoo.com

Draft workshop will start at 8:00 AM and goes from the advanced/almost ready for a test dogs directly to the beginners. Beginners (human and dog) will benefit from watching the advanced dogs work. Please bring your
carts/harnesses. A limited amount of equipment will be available for use.


Please bring a chair, crate or Xpen, collar, leash, good treats for the dog(s) and a lunch break sandwich. The club will furnish donuts and coffee and water..

Please send name and address, phone number (preferably cell in case we need to contact) and name of the person(s) handling the dog(s)  Also send the age of the dog and how much experience he/she has in training for obedience or draft work, how much experience the handler has in either and how much equipment you own.

For more information contact:
Kay Wendorf

Phone: 262-882-3759

E-mail: serendipitybernese@yahoo.com

Peggy Granger

Phone: 262-470-4764

E-mail: stormbmd@gmail.com

Kathy Heun

Phone: 414-460-3612

E-mail: blueskybmd@hotmail.com

Draft Dog working

Draft Workshop