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Breeder Referral Service

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On-Line Breeder Referral Disclaimer

The BMDCSEW does not inspect, monitor or regulate the breeding or business practices of its On-Line Breeder Referral Program participants. Moreover, it does not become involved in resolving disputes between participants and their customers. Accordingly, the BMDCSEW does not endorse, guarantee, recommend or otherwise approve any particular breeder(s) or guarantee or accept any responsibility for the health, temperament or any other aspect of the dogs sold by the participants. All information produced by the On-Line Breeder Referral program has been provided solely by the participants. 

The BMDCSEW strongly encourages all buyers to carefully document, in writing, all representations, promises, statements, warranties and guarantees made by sellers of Bernese Mountain Dogs. The seller should sign such documentation or provide a purchase contract that covers the same provisions. The seller should also proceed to fulfill his/her obligations throughout the life of the dog.

Looking for a puppy? 
If you are new to Bernese...
Realistically assess whether you are well matched with this breed. Please talk with a number of breeders, and be sure arrange to visit them and their dogs at home! Feel confident that a puppy or dog from the breeder's breeding program has the traits you are looking for before you jump into Berner ownership.
For more information on the dogs and tips for buying Bernese puppies see:

The Puppy Buyer's Guide 

Have you made plans to meet breeders and their dogs at a BMDCSEW club event?
Breeders have different objectives in owning and producing puppies. At this time it is possible to obtain a Berner from a wide array of breeders. Please don't hit the panic button. It is not necessarily wise to get a dog from the first breeder you find with a puppy available. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the differences that exist in breeders' policies, their focus and reasons for owning and breeding Bernese. The manner in which breeders transact the business of breeding and selling pups will be important for you to consider. Be clear about breeder services offered before and after the sale.


The BMDCSEW offers a Breeder Referral Service for those who are looking for a Berner puppy. Following is a list of BMDCSEW members that have or are planning to breed a litter.

All of the breeders participating in the BMDCSEW's Breeder Referral program are members in good standing. The BMDCSEW does not recommend one breeder over another. It is the responsibility of the buyer to certify that sires/dams have received genetic screening clearances for hips, elbows and eyes and that the breeder supplies the buyer with copies of the certification reports from OFA or PennHip for hips and elbows and CERF for eyes. The BMDCSEW recommends breeding stock be certified.



BMDCSEW Breeder Referral List


Sue Wellenstein, Bugziere Bernese

Oshkosh, WI 

Phone: 920-573-0434

Deanna Scott, Driftless Bernese

Elkhorn, WI  

Phone: 224-381-6474


Kerry Waltersdorf,  Stonehill Bernese
Hartford, WI


     Home 262-397-8622

     Cell    262-366-1939



BMDCSEW Breeder Referral Chair

Lisa Patrenets


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