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Are you interested in carting with your Berner? Not quite sure how to get started. Let two BMDCA Draft Judges, seven handlers and fifteen Berners provide you with an in depth, visual explanation of drafting equipment and instructions that will help you teach your Berner how to pull a cart.  The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Southeastern Wisconsin is pleased to offer 2 Instructional DVD's.

DVD One:  Training Your Draft Dog
Learn about:
   • Selection and use of Drafting Equipment: Harnesses & Carts
   • How to safely begin draft training with a Berner puppy and how to train the young adult.

Learn how to train your Berner to:
   • Pull a cart in a straight line
   • Make turns
   • Back up
   • Go through a gate, 'Narrows'
   • Adjust speed
   • The stay command
   • Freight hauling

DVD Two:  Showing Your Draft Dog
In this DVD, volunteer members of the BMDCSEW take eight mock Draft Tests. You'll see some 'Draft Test Exercises' done well; and you'll see some examples of performance errors. After the mock draft tests, you'll be presented with training tips which will help you to understand how to perfect and improve performance in specific draft test exercises. You'll also see an example of a good draft test performance – exemplifying teamwork; efficiency and the willingness of the dog to work.

If you have general questions about the BMDCSEW's Drafting DVD's, please contact Peggy Granger.

TO ORDER Call, Fax, E-mail or send order to:
Barb Waltenberry
N8887 Custer Road
Ripon WI 54971
Phone: 888-253-8393
Fax:  920-748-7535

COST: $25 each or $45 for both DVDs. Please add $4 for shipping and handling.
*Make checks payable to BMDCSEW (US Funds only). Credits Cards now accepted.


Draft Tests & Titles 
After you've trained your Berner to cart, you may want to enter your dog in a BMDCA Draft Test. The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America Draft Tests are a series of exercises designed to develop and demonstrate the natural abilities of purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs in a working capacity involving hauling. BMDCA offers Draft Titles Certificates.  See our Draft Workshop and Draft Test pages for more information on the BMDCSEW sponsored events.

Draft Dog DVD's

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